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    My name is Vishal Haria, I'm a
    Bangkok based video creator

    My video production skills and experiences includes travel and tourism, cinematic and educational fitness, event highlights, interviews, client and employee features, weddings, and more. I shoot using a variety of cameras and equipment including 4k resolution, stabilized footage using gimbals, aerial footage using drones, underwater shots, timelapses, and I’m keen to explore new and creative ideas and methodologies. 

    If you’ve got a product to launch, an brand to build, a vision to share, or a story to tell, I can help create video content for you that will ensure your customers see everything that you have to offer in the best way possible.
    Video Editing
    Recorded footage can be transformed into stunning, cinematic videos using new and innovative video editing techniques. Using a combination of Adobe applications such as Premiere Pro, After Effects and Photoshop, I can give your videos the creative look you are after.
    Sound Design & Music
    Having great sound design and the right music for your videos makes such a significant impact. I have access to legitimately licensed music tracks and sound effects that will make your videos stand out.
    Aerial Footage
    Drone footage can really make your videos stand out. I can offer you high-quality aerial shots for all of your project needs, whether it's for travel, weddings, or B-roll footage.
    Special Effects
    Creative and innovative effects, transitions, filming techniques and colour grading in your videos really take them to the next level, and this is something that I can offer you when producing videos for your projects.
    Social Media Content
    Having high-quality videos to use on your social media accounts is incredibly important for today's businesses, and can make the difference between a potential customer clicking away or making a purchase.
    Graphic Design
    Whether you need a logo designed for your brand, or illustrations for your project's marketing material, we can work together on conceptualizing and designing the right content for you.
    video portfolio

    Pre-wedding in Khao Yai

    Shot in Khao Yai, Thailand using a Panasonic GH-5, DJI Ronin-SC and DJI Mavic Pro Platinum. Edited using Adobe Premiere Pro.
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    graphics portfolio
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    Phone:+66 85 295 3022
    Address:Bangkok, Thailand

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